Doctoral Colloquium 2017: Denver, Colorado



Edward Balleisen, Duke University
Jennifer Delton, Professor of History at Skidmore College
Mary O'Sullivan, Professor of Economic History and director of the Department of Economic History at the University of Geneva
Andrew Popp, Professor of Business at University of Liverpool Management School and Editor, Enterprise and Society
Gail Triner, Professor of History, Rutgers University


Rachel A. Bunker, Rutgers University
"’An Invisible Empire’: The Making of the Consumer Credit Score and Global Corporate Power, 1890-1989"
Alexi Garrett, University of Virginia
"The Female Roots of America's Economic Power: Feme Sole Entrepreneurs of the Early Republic, 1774-1828"
Amanda Gibson, College of William and Mary
"African American Credit Use in the Early National Period"
Ryan Haddad, University of Maryland
"America's Commercial Cold War: Trade and Security in the Western Alliance"
Sven Kube, Florida International University
"’The Devil's Music’: Selling Anglo-American Pop Music in Cold War Communist Germany"
Scott C. Miller, University of Virginia
"A Merchant's Republic: Independence, Depression, and the Development of American Capitalism, 1760-1807"
Jermaine Thibodeaux, University of Texas, Austin
"The House that Cane Built: Sugar, Race, and the Gendered Foundations of the Texas Prison System 1843-1920"
Saša Vejzagić, European University Institute
"The Rise of a Socialist Business Class: The Role of Economic Managerial Elite in Socialist Yugoslavia, 1963-1991"
Heather R. Wilpone-Welborn, University of Illinois, Chicago
"A Taxing Victory: Considering the Fiscality of Race and Class During the American Civil War"
Zhaojin Zeng, University of Texas, Austin
"Nourishing Shanxi: State, Industrial Entrepreneurship, and the Making of Chinese State Capitalism, 1898-2004"

Student Liaison

Elizabeth Semler, University of Minnesota