Doctoral Colloquium 2018: Baltimore, Maryland



Edward Balleisen, Duke University
Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of York
Andrea Lluch, National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET)
Sharon Ann Murphy, Providence College
Daniel Raff, University of Pennsylvania


Grace Ballor, University of California, Los Angeles
"Agents of Integration: Multinational Firms and the European Union 1970-2000"
Ann Daly, Brown University
"Hard Money: The Making of a Specie Currency, 1828-1846"
Hunter Harris, University of Michigan
"When Trust Fails: Merchants, Law, and Empire in the Eighteenth Century"
Alice Janssens, Erasmus University Rotterdam
"The Rise and Fall of Berlin as a Fashion Capital: 1924-1939"
Peter Labuza, University of Southern California
"’When a Handshake Meant Something’: The Emergence of Entertainment Law and the Constitution of Hollywood Art, 1944-1967"
Ashton Merck, Duke University
"The Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Coregulation and Food Safety, 1957 – 1996,"
Alvaro Moreno, University of Virginia
"James M. Eder and the Economic Development of Valle del Cauca in Early Colombia"
Joona Nikinmaa, European University Institute
"The Foundations of European Venture Capital, 1960-1985: Organizing Innovation through Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"
Hannah Tucker, University of Virginia
"Masters of the Market: Mercantile Ship Captaincy in the Colonial British Atlantic, 1607-1774"
Jason Weixelbaum, American University
"At the Crossroads with Fascism: The Decision of Ford, General Motors, and IBM to Do Business with Nazi Germany"