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Andrew Popp
University of Liverpool Management School
British business, 19th century
Leon C. Prieto
Assistant Professor of Management
African-American Management History
Prateek Raj
PhD Candidate, University College London
Early Modern Europe, Colonial India, Guilds, Caste, Networks
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Caitlin Rosenthal
Assistant Professor of History, University of California-Berkeley
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Andrew Russell
Professor of History and Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
information technology, standardization, Technology, Organizations
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Daniel Rust
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Superior
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Lindsay Schakenbach
Brown University
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Elizabeth Semler
University of Minnesota
David Sicilia
Associate Professor of History, University of Maryland
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Sakari Siltala
University of Helsinki
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Ellan Spero
Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore University of Technology and Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Industrial Research, Material Culture, Higher Education, Fashion and Textiles
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Jesse Tarbert
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
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Dominique A. Tobbell
University of Minnesota
Johanna M.S. van Mosseveld
Honorary Associate, School of Humanities, University of New England, Australia
Military Uniforms, Defence Industries, Innovation
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Natalya Vinokurova
University of Pennsylvania
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Fei-Hsien Wang
University of Cambridge
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Benjamin Waterhouse
Associate Professor of History and Grauer Scholar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Business-Government Relations, Lobbying, Business Political Activism, Trade Associations
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David Weiman
Alena Weis Hirschorn '58 Professor of Economics, Barnard College of Columbia University
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Robert Wright
Nef Family Chair of Political Economy, Augustana University
Financial history, Public policy and regulation, Slavery (then and now)
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JoAnne Yates
Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
history of communication, standardization, information technology
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Melih Yeşilbağ
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