Doctoral Colloquium 2014, Frankfurt, Germany


Student Liaison

Michael Aldous, London School of Economics and Political Science


Victoria Barnes, University of Reading
"English Law and the Emergence of the Joint Stock Banking Company, 1826-1844"
Chambi Seithy Chachage, Harvard University
"Capitalizing Cities: The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Elites in African Commercial Capitals and the Growth of Black Business in the Global Economy"
Elizabeth Harmon, University of Michigan
"Incorporating for Social Good: Philanthropic Foundations and the Origins of Social Enterprise (1860-1920)"
Fei He, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
"The Resumption of Trade Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the People's Republic of China, 1949-1976"
Arun Kumar, Lancaster University
"Philanthropy in Post/Colonial India: Tatas' Giving for/to the Modern (Neoliberal) Nation"
Ishva Minefee, University of Illinois
"The Power to Resist? An Evolution of Corporate Responses to Anti-Apartheid Activism, 1948-1994"
Shawn Moura, University of Maryland
"Development Begins at Home: Women and the Domestic Economy in Brazil, 1945-1975"
Shaun Nichols, Harvard University
"Crisis Capital: The Making and Un-Making of Industrial Massachusetts, 1873-Present"
Jesse Tarbert, Case Western Reserve University
"When Good Government Meant Big Government: Elite Reformers and American State in the New Era, 1920-1933"
Sean H. Vanatta, Princeton University
"Constituting Credit Capitalism: The Political Economy of Bank Credit Cards in Postwar America"


Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University
Núria Puig, Complutense University Madrid
Steven Tolliday, University of Leeds
Mary Yeager, University of California, Los Angeles