David Paulson

University of Cambridge

    David Paulson is a Ph.D. candidate in history at Cambridge University. He began his original Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1989, researching twentieth-century German and EEC history. During an extended break from academic life, he served in the British Army, completed an MBA, and spent seventeen years in business, eight of them as managing director of an international manufacturing company. He re-started his Ph.D. part-time at Cambridge in 2012. He continues to run an industrial products business but aspires to teach business history and management. His thesis, supervised by Martin Daunton, is entitled "Commercialising Quality: A Comparative Study of Business Cultures and the Pursuit of Industrial Competitiveness in Britain and Germany, c.1949-1979"; it compares the management and performance of British SMEs with their Mittelstand counterparts.

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