Michael S. Kideckel

Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University

    Mookie Kideckel is a doctoral candidate in environmental history. He studies the relationship between conceptions of nature, capitalism, medicine, and science in the United States, Canada, and Europe. His current project focuses on the breakfast cereal industry, which in the early twentieth century helped pioneer both mass-produced prepared food and the branding of food as “natural.” Mookie explores how this nascent industry affected understandings of and approaches to nature.

    Mookie also participates in historical projects around Columbia and New York City. He has worked with Professor Matthew Connelly on the “Declassification Engine;” he currently works part-time at Columbia's Rare Book and Manuscript Library, and as a research assistant for the developing Museum of Food and Drink.

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Doctoral Colloquium Participation

Doctoral Colloquium 2016: Portland, Oregon